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What can you eliminate?


What can you eliminate?

Yes, I am still in it! I was just a little ambitious with the amount of blogging I would do. So as we start week 3, I can honestly say that the blogging is harder than making food choices!

As I was giving my daughter, Ayden, her snack tonight she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and tried to share her graham cracker with me. Sharing is caring, right? I need to teach her sharing, so I really should eat it, right? No…I just did the pretend chomp and said “mmmmm, good. Thanks you.”

This made me think about what changes I will make after this challenge. Many of us are thinking about what we can’t wait to eat when the challenge is over. Have you thought about what foods you will eliminate for good when the challenge is over?

I will eliminate AT LEAST ONE unhealthy food from my diet permanently. For me (deep breath as I admit this), I will no longer eat donuts. There I said it! I am actually not craving them and can’t believe that I used to enjoy fried dough.

Share with the group what you cant wait to eat and what you will eliminate. Again, the responses let me know where my 2nd and 3rd place winners are 