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We will miss you, Coach Wendi!


We will miss you, Coach Wendi!

Where are you from?  

St. Louis, MO


Where did you go to school, and did you play any sports?

High School:  Lafayette High School (cheerleading);

College:  Miami University in Ohio (no sports, unless you consider broomball a sport)

How long have you been with TFR?

June 2009 (this June will have been 6 years); started as a student and in a couple months became a Boot Camp Assistant;  became certified to teach, then took over boot camp when the gym opened and assumed Director of Boot Camp

What’s your favorite class to train?

My absolute favorite class to train is boot camp.  It NEVER gets boring to me – not to teach nor to take as a student.  And I am a boot camp purist…I like it out at the park best.  Cycling is another fun one, especially when I can find that perfect music mix that pleases everyone!

What’s your funniest client story?

Blame it on my kids (or maybe my upbringing), but bodily function humor, specifically gas humor, never gets old.  I do my very best to remain professional at the gym/park, understanding that sometimes “it just happens”, and typically when we move to the floor for abs.  One morning not long ago, we’d finished a heavy cardio day and had just moved to the floor.  Sure enough, someone passed gas and I couldn’t hold back.  The more I tried not to laugh, the harder I laughed.  At first, it was a silent laugh, then it turned into a cackle and eventually reached a point where I could hardly breathe.  I had to excuse myself from the room to gain my composure.  I returned and it happened again.  I managed to make it through the next few minutes of class, but barely.  Ended up apologizing profusely to the entire class the next day at my childish behavior…snicker.

What’s an example of a healthy, lunch and dinner?

Lunch:  Turkey, tomato and avocado sandwich, carrots and hummus.  Dinner:  Grilled salmon, steamed green beans and a small sweet potato drizzled with agave

What motivates you? 

I get super-motivated by my students. I feel guilty if I’m training them, but am not doing the work.  That’s why I do my best to make it to class to work out with my students on days that my partner teaches.  It hopefully sets a good example.  And of course, results motivate me.  When I see what I can do with just a little more drive and hard work, it motivates me to work harder.

What will you miss most about TFR?

Where to begin….TFR has meant so much more to me over the years than I could ever truly express.  It’s where I learned how important spending maintenance time on myself, after having two children was.  It’s where I learned that you get out of something what you put into it.  It’s where I learned the true meaning of hard work and dedication, watching our TFR entrepreneur, manage a full-time job, have a child, and follow her dream of owning a gym.  I will miss dearly the relationships I’ve made at the gym, both with my students and my co-trainers.  My students are ever-changing, but they never cease to amaze me with their drive and their dedication. My partner, Tynisha, has been the ABSOLUTE best partner I could ever work with.  She’s dependable, she’s kind and she gives me a kick-butt workout every time I attend her class.  I will miss the gym/park being so easy that I can practically roll out of bed and be ready to workout or train in 20 minutes.  But more than anything, I will miss what an incredible organization I’ve been blessed to be a part of for the past almost six years.  I’m not sure I’ll ever find a gym quite like it, where I am surrounded by such commitment to health and fitness as well as support, love and just plain fun.