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Tips to Staying Fit During the Holiday Season


Tips to Staying Fit During the Holiday Season


We know how hard it is to stick to a fitness routine and stay committed to healthy eating during the holidays when there are cakes, pies, carb-filled side dishes, turkey, and ham around every corner. Don’t get us wrong, we would never want to deprive you of these things entirely, so here are our tips on staying fit during the holiday season:

Stick to a fitness schedule:
Even if you can only walk/jog for 20 minutes, or complete a quick 15-minute toning routine at home; anything is better than nothing. Scheduling your group fitness classes for the week will also hold you accountable to hit the gym regularly. Sticking to your fitness schedule will ensure you don’t get totally derailed during or even after the holidays.

If think you may have a few after work holiday functions coming up, then consider working out in the morning. This way you are not tempted to skip your workout later in the day. Getting active at least four times a week and including protein in your breakfast will give your metabolism a boost all day!coffee

Steer clear of calorie-fill beverages, but be sure to get your fill of water:
Flavored coffees and sugar packed cocktails sound so good to all of us, but moderation is key during the holidays. Did you know that one medium eggnog latte could cost you almost 500 calories? It is very important to make wise decisions with our beverage selection – maybe limit yourself to one a week, rather than one every day. has listed out 12 delicious Holiday Cocktails, most of which are less than 200 calories.

It’s also very important to get enough water every day when the weather cools down. If your body is dehydrated it literally cannot function. Dehydration will also lead to increased cravings. Keep a bottle of water in your purse or on your desk to remind yourself to drink up.


Opt for healthier versions of some of your holiday favorites:
There are always ways to reduce sugar, sodium, and calories from your favorite holiday foods. Consider using coconut oil rather than butter, natural sugars or stevia rather than sugar, and reduced fat cream cheese rather than regular cream cheese. We recommend trying this recipe from for a 300 calorie pumpkin cheesecake that we love – you’re welcome!

Start new holiday traditions:
There are so many fun runs during the holiday season! Consider running in a Turkey Trot 5K or challenge friends and family to a holiday morning flag football game. Getting everyone involved will make for a fun, bonding experience to share every year.TFR-Holiday-Fitness

Having a workout buddy to challenge and motivate you, and hold you accountable is also important if you’re trying to stay fit during the holidays. Here at Total Fitness Revolution we offer many different group fitness classes, CrossFit, and Personal Training to keep you going this holiday season. Contact us today for more information on our gym and the classes that we offer.