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Time to turn it up!


Time to turn it up!

What is your is goal? If you are still in this competition, we are more than half way done and it is time to evaluate your next gear. Not gear as in workout gear, although you should need new cloths after this competition. But gear as in drive or over drive. For me personally, I am pleased to finally be comfortable in my old jeans, but I will not get off the paleo pedal until I can fit some of my smaller pants. The pants I purchased when I was feeling real good in the mall J It is time for me to kick in the next gear.

How are you doing so far? Can you or your friends see a difference in you versus 3 weeks ago? If not, there are a few things you need to be honest with yourself about.

Are you staying true to the eating plan? Meat, veggies, fat, and fruit. To compete we suggested limiting your fruit intake until it is over. Are you still eating a ton of fruit and wondering why you are not losing as fast? Are you counting the nuts you consume per day to avoid eating too much? Are you eating enough food or too much? Answer the questions honestly and adjust now! Are you still indulging in an occasional drink? STOP IT! Believe me, the Dallas Cowboys have tested my strength over this competition, I have really needed a drink to recover….. but I am committed to winning this competition!

We often get the comments that this is hard and not easy to maintain. Remember you are working towards a goal and we will share a way to maintain after the competition. Reset yourself if you have not committed to the plan so far, you have 3 more weeks!

Are you working out enough? Food is a key driver to losing weight. Working out is the key driver to increasing muscle and maintaining your results. I had a conversation with a client last week who is not in the competition, but looking to lose a few pounds for a trip. She was happy that she worked out 3 times last week. Working out 3 times a week is okay for maintenance. If you are looking to transition your body, lose weight, gain muscle, and WIN THIS COMPETITION; you need to commit to at least 5 workouts per week. If you have a business trip or other things keeping you from working out for a few days, commit to more than one workout per day when you can. I challenge you to at least 15 more workouts before this competition is over!

Are you drinking enough water? I can’t believe it, but this is where I am still struggling. I used to easily drink a gallon of water per day. I am struggling to consume the minimum right now and I can tell when I work out. You need to drink water! If you are not drinking enough, start today!

Where are my winners?????? Start checking in on Facebook and posting your meals…… I need to see where my real competition is!