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Time to get your exerSIZE orgaNIZED.


Time to get your exerSIZE orgaNIZED.

It is cold y’all! This may be the one part of this competition I didn’t think about; the extra motivation needed to leave my bed when it is cold! Working out is part of life for me, but cold weather brings another mental challenge. As Lauren mentioned, I am on it this week and woke up twice to take cycling at 5AM. Before I had Ayden, I taught boot camp 5 days a week at 5AM, straight thru the first 6 months of pregnancy. Now I am spoiled by my every other day schedule J So to wake up at 5AM on my off days AND it is cold outside, I MUST be feeling good! There is something about feeling better about what you are putting in your body and that extra motivation when you are feeling a little smaller and a stronger. Cold weather, rain, or crazy schedule cannot keep me from my goal. Here are a few tips to keep you motivated thru this season change:

1. Schedule your workout time at the beginning of the week. Go in mind and body now to schedule your workouts for the week and COMMIT to being there. Some of my boot campers tell me on Monday what days they will be in class so that I hold them accountable. We use our smart phones and planners to schedule everything else, schedule your workouts! I heard at least 3 of us admit this morning in cycling that we got out of bed because we had already signed up J

2. Schedule a workout date. If you haven’t seen a friend in a long time, suggest a nice walk or run before breakfast. We have a FREE 10K Saturday. Call up a friend, suggest they join you for the run and breakfast. What a great way to catch up! If running is not your thing, suggest bootcamp on Saturday or joining you for a class at the gym…..too many options!

3. Find a workout you enjoy or try something new. We have over 10 different classes at the gym and park now. Something is your cup of tea! Find it and stick to it.

4. Buy new warmer workout clothes. Yes, shopping is my solution and reward for everything 🙂