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TFR CrossFit Wednesday WOD 8/31/16


TFR CrossFit Wednesday WOD 8/31/16

Welcome to Carol, Arvind and Jamar! Our newest CrossFit members!!!!

TFR CrossFit Wednesday WOD

Every 3 min for 4 sets
6 Back Squats (Heavy – same weight ACROSS)

5 Rounds
15 Unbroken DB Push Press (45/30)
12 UB DB Back Lunges (45/30)
09 UB DB Dead Lifts (45/30)

*Back lunges are 6 pairs.
**DL DBs suitcase style, to below the calves. All 4 head of DBs should touch floor. If you have a lower back issue lower a 45 pound plate

(Each round must be completed as 36 unbroken reps, rest as little as possible between rounds!)