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TFR CrossFit Wednesday WOD 3/23/17


TFR CrossFit Wednesday WOD 3/23/17

Yall remember that time when we did our 5th annual bike drive with K and M Kidz World?? Yall there is no gym like ours and there are no members like ours. In December 2016 we gave away almost 100 bikes and toys to the children of Dunbar Elementary School who were both in need and excelling academically. If we didn’t say it before, from the bottom of our hearts…. THANK YOU!!! And Thank you fellow TFR Family Member Vincent Jones for allowing us to be a part of the magic. Maybe we will do a summer school supply and bike drive this year!!

TFR CrossFit Easy Wednesday WOD

Calorie Row on Bike/Rower
kettlebell swing 35/53
Abmat situp