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TFR CrossFit Tuesday WOD 6/13/17


TFR CrossFit Tuesday WOD 6/13/17

This past weekend was SO busy for your favorite gym!!

Was Coach Don the ‘Don’ of Nutrition Rocking the stage for her 2nd Bikini competition? ✔

Did Coach DONNA take first place for overall female and TFR member Brian Watkins win for fastest Alpha in the Divine 9 5K? ✔

Did we have 10 TFR CrossFit Athletes compete in the Caffeinated Games and CRUSH it?? ✔

Yah…. Go ahead and click this link and vote for us, 2nd year in a row, best gym in Smyrna Vinings 🙂

Now on to the WOD…. Testing day TWO

Part A:
Take 20-30 minutes and hone in on that technique. Let’s get that 1RM FULL SNATCH

Part B:
15 min alertnating emom
7 power snatch 75/55
10 burpee over bar