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TFR CrossFit Thursday WOD 5/24/17


TFR CrossFit Thursday WOD 5/24/17

Another HOT TFR Transformation is in the building!!! This is a Maria More special! small group training + diet change + Aya Tea and BAM!!! Sign up for our small group training sale!!

TFR CrossFit Thursday WOD

Part A
5x 3 strict press, working up to 85% hopefully getting 85% by last set
50 hamstring curls (heavier than last week
)3 x 3 deadlift 85%

Part B:
***scale appropriately***
Deadlift 225/315
HSPU or pushup (double the # 42-30-18- regular pushups)
Double unders (double the number of DU… 3:1 singles)