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TFR CrossFit Thursday WOD 2/25/16


TFR CrossFit Thursday WOD 2/25/16

TFR CrossFit Thursday WOD

Who’s ready for the open?! Come by TFR tonight at 8 pm, we will live stream and see what comes out the hopper.
Conditioning #1:
Odd: 2 Clean & Jerks (185/135/95)
Even: 16 Alt. Step Ups (24/20)

Conditioning #2:
8 min AMRAP
2 Alternating 1-arm DB Snatches (1/side)
2 20m shuttle runs*
4 Alternating 1-arm DB Snatches (2/side)
4  20m shuttle runs
6 Alternating 1-arm DB Snatches (3/side)
6 20m shuttle runs…

*20m shuttle (10m down & back)
Continue as high as possible in within the eight minute time cap.

Pick a weight in the DB that is moderately heavyno rep