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TFR CrossFit Thursday 5/21/15


TFR CrossFit Thursday 5/21/15

Don’t forget we are celebrating Coach Wendi on Thursday night at 8 PM at Tilted Kilt! Thank you Wendi for so much fun for so many years! We will miss you!!!

TFR CrossFit Thursday

Part A. Take 20 mins to establish a Heavy (1 rep) Pause Back Squat. (2 second hold in the bottom)

Part B

3 rounds of the following:

2 min AMRAP of:

15 GHD Situps
10 Good Mornings (45/35/15 empty bar)
Max Rep Back Squats (50-65% of a Strength above)

Rest 1 minute between AMRAPs. A score is total Back Squat Reps.

Scale for GHD situps is 20 AbMat Situpswendi14