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TFR CrossFit Monday WOD 10/5/15


TFR CrossFit Monday WOD 10/5/15

Look at these gorgeous girls! Job well done, ladies!!


TFR CrossFit Monday

Front Squat: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 (increasing)

*HSPU: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3


*Scale = DB Push Press or Strict Push Up


superset FS and HSPU EMOM style. Odd minute FS, even Minute HSPU


“Bishop at Sunset”

12 Minute AMRAP

6  Push Press 115/75

14 Wall Balls 20/14

*40 yard (down and back on turf) Bumper Plate Farmer Carry 35/25


*use pinch grip on FC with a plate in each hand