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TFR CrossFit Monday 8/3/15


TFR CrossFit Monday 8/3/15

TFR CrossFit Monday


Congratulations to our TFR CrossFit competitors team “Mother Thrusters”!! We got on our first podium!  Tied for 3rd place.  Way to represent, Katie and Craig!!  And Craig,  nice work on the 305 lb hang squat clean PR!


Part A:


7 min EMOM Super Set:


At the :00 mark 3 rep Heavy Deadlift

At the :30 mark 3 rep Weighted Strict Pull-Ups


*scale to strict pulls or banded pull-ups as necessary.


Part B


“Kitchen Sink” Chipper


4 Rope Climbs**

30 HR Push Ups

500 m Row

20 Wall Balls

400 m Run with Med


** sub rope climbs with rope pulls from the floorFB_IMG_1438460512579