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TFR CrossFit Friday WOD 11/20/15


TFR CrossFit Friday WOD 11/20/15

TFR CrossFit Friday

Part A:
Tabata Situps

Part B:
In teams of 2
Complete 100 total reps of bench press at 95/135 lbs (scale as appropriate)
One person does max reps bench press while partner rows 250 m.

*if team of one, alternate between max bench press and rowing until athlete achieves 50 reps.

** if team of 3, 3rd person runs 200m and is now the pace setter. Team of 3 must execute 150 bench press. Athlete 1 does max rep bench press, athlete 2 rows until athlete 3 comes back from 200m run and everyone rotates stations.

Part C:
Every athlete execute 50 plyo pushups on 35 or 45 lb plate4622Friday-Cartoons-7