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Take a look at TFR’s Zumba Instructor, Kandice Shelton! Her story is Amazing!


Take a look at TFR’s Zumba Instructor, Kandice Shelton! Her story is Amazing!

I’ve always heard…”when you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done”.  Simply put, that’s how my weight loss journey started…I did something different! 
After loosing 55+ pounds people ask me how I did it…the answer they get is not typical. But, how I did it was simple…I changed my MINDSET! I shifted how I thought about food, exercise, weight, etc…and the rest followed. Once I made that shift, my eating habits changed to clean eating, even vegetarian and vegan for a while. This change helped me to drop the first 20 pounds. 

Next up, I incorporated exercise. But not just exercise…exercise with accountability. I joined a running club, had my friends meet me for group fitness classes & told people my goals. With this I was held accountable to my workouts by those around me. Now, as a wellness coach, I focus on this with my clients…ACCOUNTABILITY…this is SO key to meeting goals! With both CONSISTENT exercise and healthy eating, the rest of the weight came off.

During this journey, I have found another level of strength, courage and determination that I didn’t know existed. I fell in love with group fitness and became a certified group fitness instructor as well as earned certifications/licenses in Zumba, hip hop dance fitness, kickboxing, indoor cycling/SPIN and completed 3 half marathons.
Healthy living is now a passion and through my fitness company, Zenergy Fitness, my goal is to help and inspire others to reach their goals. So, what’s my next big goal? Completing a Century Bike Ride/Race…100  miles in the saddle! uh…oh…it’s out there in the universe now…accountability time! 🙂