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50 CLASSES in 30 DAYS!


When:  Start your 30 days anytime from June 1 to June 13th
Cost: $20
Prize: 1st person to achieve 50 classes will win HALF of the prize money, all others who complete the challenge will receive a t-shirt!
Classes/Workouts: All Classes must be a TFR class or special event. A workout at home or at another gym does not qualify you for this challenge. Personal training and/or Small group training count as class attendance.
How to track: There will be a big poster for you to sign up and check off your classes
Disqualification: If you are 10 minutes late or more to class, you may NOT count that as a class. If you leave early (even 5 minutes early) you may NOT count that as a class. If you come to class and give a half-ass effort because you’re exhausted that does NOT count as a class. We are all grown adults, let’s have some fun and keep our integrity in tact 🙂
Dunk Tank dates: 6/4 and again on 7/16. You’re going to burn a lot of fat and calories during this challenge, it would be good to track your progress! Time to eat clean and train dirty!
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