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Proper Form


Proper Form

The single most important thing to remember when working out is maintaining proper form.  Whether in the gym using heavy weights, on a stationary bike pedaling your heart out, on a mat working your core in pilates, or yes, at the park performing countless squats, proper form is not only encouraged, it is expected here at Total Fitness Revolution.  Here’s why:

According to the Mayo Clinic, poor form prevents us from getting the results we desire.  In boot camp, the goal is to work the intended muscle group in the most effective way to strengthen that muscle group.  So, if I’m working on a tricep pushup with the intention of strengthening and toning my triceps, but I’ve assumed a wide arm position, I’m actually using mainly my pectoral muscles and very little of my tricep muscles.  If, however, I assume a narrow arm position, with my hands closer than shoulder width apart and I tuck my elbows in to squeeze my torso as I lower myself, I’m engaging my triceps, and meeting my goal.

Not only does poor form prevent us from getting the intended results, but it also increases our chances of sprains, strains, fractures and other injuries.  Lunges, when performed properly, are a great way to build quadricep and hamstring muscles and tone the glutes.  But, improper form over time can be very damaging, to knees especially.  The biggest mistake made with lunges is not taking a big enough step forward, allowing the front knee to extend past the toe, adding undue stress on the knee cap.  Instead, take a big step forward, keeping the shoulders and head up, core tucked in, and eyes forward.

Aside from leading class each day, your trainers are there to ensure that you’re using proper form to attain your goals and to avoid injury.  If you’re ever unsure whether or not your form is correct, always feel free to speak up.  And listen to your body; if something doesn’t feel right, if the drill is uncomfortable or just plain hurts, let your trainer know.  They’ll either help fix your form or they’ll find an alternative movement.

Poor Lunge Form:


Proper Lunge Form:


Poor Pushup Form:


Proper Pushup Form:


Recipe of the Week:
Looking to treat yourself to dessert, but not make a whole batch that will sit there and stare at your till you eat it all?  Here’s a single serving dessert recipe that’s also Paleo-friendly:

Individual Chocolate Chip Cookie (compliments of Coach Ty)


1 tablespoon of ghee
1 tablespoon of coconut sugar
1 egg yolk
1/4 tsp of vanilla
Pinch of salt
1/4 cup of almond flour
1 tablespoon of chocolate chips

Place butter in 3″ ramekin and stir in coconut sugar.  Add egg yolk, vanilla and salt. Stir to combine.  Add in almond flour and stir until mixed. Lastly add chocolate chips.  Place in microwave for 55 seconds or bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.

Homework for the week:
You guessed it!  Time to perfect your tricep pushups and lunges…all week!  For each drill, try to complete four sets of 10 reps, but don’t rush through them; do them right!

Tricep Pushup:  Start with hands on the floor, thumbs and index fingers touching, arms lined up under the shoulders, legs extended and either on knees, or toes for a more advanced move.  With a tight core, slowly bend the elbows, with chest almost touching the hands for each rep. Push up to starting position.

Stationary Lunges:  With shoulders tall, head up and core tight, step forward with one leg, lowering yourself till both legs are at about a 90 degree angle.  Glance down to ensure your front knees isn’t extended past your toe; if it is, take a bigger step, forcing your upper body to stay tall.  Keep the weight in your heels as your push back to starting position.

The Flip Side:
We encourage you to try out classes at the gym as well.  We offer a wide variety of classes including Cycling, Pilates, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga, Zumba, Buns & Bellies, and Cardiofunk.  You can sign up using the same MindBody portal you use to sign up for boot camp classes.

Don’t forget to sign up for a membership so you can continue your fitness journey with us.  Membership is $99 for a six-month commitment, and $135 month-to-month.