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Marisa Haehnlein, we are sad to see you go!


Marisa Haehnlein, we are sad to see you go!

Tell us a little bit about yourself Featured Athlete
I’m a native of South Bend, IN. I moved to Atlanta within a few days of graduating from Indiana University to get away from the snow. I married a southern boy and we have two daughters, ages 4 and 7. I have a flourishing career with an Incentive Marketing company and will be relocating in June to Charlotte, NC. While I’m sad to leave, it’s a great opportunity.

How long have you been a member of TFR?
Almost 4 years.

What’s your workout routine, or what classes do you take?
I’m really into CrossFit right now, although I was a die-hard bootcamper for many years.

What goals have you accomplished this year?
A 7-minute plank during the TFR challenge.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?
Pizza and beer.

What’s your favorite exercise or class?
The more intense the better. So just about anything taught by Rashad.

Favorite quote or saying from a TFR Coach?
Just because you can’t do it today, doesn’t mean you can’t do it someday. I’m going to give credit to Coach Richard for that.

Any words of wisdom for new TFR members?
Don’t be intimidated by anything going on at the gym that interests you. Every trainer is so willing to show you proper technique and ease you into it.

The vibe.