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Can you say one more week???? Yes, that is where we are in this 6 week journey. But if you think about it, the real journey will start after the competition. The holidays are tough for everyone, but if you made it through the last 5 weeks, you can make it through the holidays. The key is planning and discipline. Please don’t forget the good habits you adopted after next week!

This past week has not been the best for me. I didn’t get to work out much because of blah blah this and that. But I don’t feel totally defeated, I feel motivated to go into WIN mode for this last week. What are your plans for this last week of competition? Can you stay discipline to the plan as if it were week 1? Will classes be full like it was in week one? Where is my competition…..stand up, stand up! For this last week, make sure you drink enough water, watch your salt intake, and keep the fruit to a minimum. Think of it as crunch time. I recommend eggs and salsa for breakfast. A great salad with lean meat for lunch. Lean meat and veggies for dinner and a small amount of nuts for your snack.

Keep the faith this week and believe in yourself. I can’t wait to see the smiles walking off the dunk tank truck next week!