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Jennifer Morales


Jennifer Morales

Athlete of the monthTell us more about you Jennifer

I was born and raised in New York then lived in Miami for a bit before moving to Atlanta. I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration then moved here to start my career. I have been here for about 6 years now and most recently got promoted to the Director of Student Life at Kennesaw State University. I love to travel, practice yoga and go to concerts mainly at small music venues! My favorite color is green. I have two brothers and one sister with myself being the youngest. I also have three nieces and one nephew that I absolutely adore!

How long have you been a member of TFR?

Exactly one year this December! Became a member on New Years Eve in 2014. Thanks to Bernard for telling me about this gym and about Coach Rashad!

What’s your workout routine, or what classes do you take?

Ultimately I do whatever Rashad tells me to do! 🙂 It’s always something different with him, which is a good thing cause he keeps me on my toes!! I do personal train with Rashad three days a week for an hour and take a variety of classes from his Track Abs, Trek and Field, Cardio 101 & Abs, HIIT with Bernard and Cycling!  I also practice yoga pretty regularly at a studio in Midtown and recently have been working on some poses and practicing at home in addition to doing a variety of workshops in and around the city.
What goals have you accomplished this year?
Since beginning my journey here at TFR – I have lost 30 pounds and a whole lot of inches! I went from wearing a size 10/12 to now wearing a size 4/6 and my tops have went from a size large to now a SMALL. I never owned a pair of jeans in a size 4 till recently and it was definitely something to celebrate! I still have a ways to go but am really happy with my progress. My biggest accomplishment this year has really been my increase in confidence and my ability to trust that things happen when they should and how they should. You just have to keep working hard and know that all you have to do is “practice and all will come”!
What’s your favorite cheat meal? 

Funny thing…. I don’t really have a “favorite” cheat meal but I do have a few favorite things that I love to treat myself with. I love olives so anytime I am able to fill up a little plastic container from Publix at their Olive Bar I do just that. I also love chocolate chip cookies and Red Wine!

What’s your favorite exercise or class?

Even though a year later I still get anxiety right before Rashad’s Trek and Field class I would say that class is one of my favorites. I always feel like I am pushed to my limits in that class which is good! I also enjoy any class that Donika teaches… she also knows how to push me to my limits! Lastly, I honestly do look forward to leg days with Rashad (I know I am crazy) and what he calls his “Cardio Marathon” days!

What do you enjoy the most about TFR? 

I love that I have been able to create a family away from home here at TFR. I have made some really good friends since I started training here and most importantly I love how people are so motivating and encouraging. TFR has become my home away from home and I appreciate Rashad believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, for pushing me to my limits and always being there to answer my 1001 questions!

Favorite quote or saying from a TFR Coach? 

I would say my favorites sayings are some nicknames Rashad so nicely gave me as an outcome to our training sessions together – “Cardio Queen” is one and “Sub-Zero” being the other.  Last but not least would be the great “Grayson”…. The weight vest I spent lots of time with while training! That thing even earned a name!