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Jealyn Foston


Jealyn Foston

Jealyn FostonWhere are you from?
A very small town that no one has heard of lol, Cassopolis, Michigan (about 30 minutes southwest of Kalamazoo).

Where did you go to school, and did you play any sports?
I attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College for 2 years and played basketball (shooting guard/small forward), then transferred to Olivet Nazarene University where I played another 2 years of basketball and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science.

How long have you been with TFR?
About a year and a half.
What’s your favorite class to train?
Pure Strength. I first brought the program to TFR in June of 2014, and it’s amazing how much it has grown! Educating clients about strength training and muscle isolation, while seeing their gains is very rewarding!

What’s your funniest client story?
Last spring a few of us trainers decided to make a bet to see how many clients we could safely make “fall out ” after their intense training session. The deal was if the client chose lay/sprawl out on the floor after their workout, we would post a picture with the hashtag #ClientFallOutChallenge lol. We’re all very competitive, and it was great to see everyone’s clients working so hard, but it was so funny to see who fell victim each week!

What’s an example of a healthy, lunch and dinner?
A healthy lunch that I make quite often is a brown rice stir fry with chicken, pepppers, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, onions, and kale. Dinner for me usually is baked salmon or swai (white fish) with grilled asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes.

What motivates you?
My clients always motivate me to train harder and to become a better coach, I never give them workouts without first trying them out myself!