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Hip Hop Yoga and Mobility

6 Session HIP HOP Mobility Series

We are excited to announce an AWESOME new series that will help you both move your body and bop your head to the beat! Coach Michelle Young is a mobility GURU and she was the official Yoga coach for the Atlanta Hawks for many years. She comes to us with over 10 years of yoga, mobility and flexibility experience and her specialties are:

Can’t touch your toes • Hamstrings are always tight • Weak Posterior Chain • Hip inflexibility • Tight Shoulders • Just plain old inflexible and sore

Cost: $99 for 6 sessions

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Saturday 12/2 11AM – 12:30
“If Young Metro Don’t Trust You I’m gon’ STRETCH you”

Saturday 12/9 11AM – 12:30

Saturday 12/16 11 AM – 12:30
“Bad and Bendy”

The next three sessions will be in January, February and March of 2018

This six session series comes with an assessment AND homework! You do NOT need to be a member of the gym to take this course. We highly recommend it for everyone!!!