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Here we grow… #TFRtakeover


Here we grow… #TFRtakeover

#TFRtakeover has officially begun! We hope you’re as excited as we are!tfr_new_gym

So you may be asking, how will TFR be different?
Well, we will be different in more ways than one! Here is a picture of the new gym layout so you can visualize the new TFR!new-tfr-crossfit-gym
We take pride in the the fact that our gym is home grown, and it’s because of YOU and you alone! You keep us on our toes with innovative and dynamic ways to keep you engaged, in shape, happy, and healthy! With the new gym we will also have expanded hours, with more of our current classes (Cycling, Zumba, Pilates, CrossFit, etc).


Here are some of the new classes we will offer:

  • An extensive personal training program will be put in place (we’re very excited about this one!)
  • Kickboxing class complete with bags
  • Indoor turf for boot camp
  • Treadmill classes
  • Running and track training programs
  • Strength training program (will be different from CrossFit)

We will have rooms dedicated to the following classes:

  • Cycling
  • Yoga/Aerobics
  • CrossFit (space and new equipment)

The following amenities will also be added:

  • General gym equipment, such as ellipticals, stair-masters, free weights, etc.
  • Babysitting/day care center
  • Key card access to the gym
  • Referral program and family plans will be offered
  • Multiple showers and bathrooms


Most of these changes will take place in the early part of October, once the build out is complete. We want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our clients for bearing with us through this move! We strive to be the premiere gym not only in Mableton, but in all of Cobb County and Southwest Atlanta – and couldn’t do it without each and every one of you!


Check out this PROGRESS:

gym-windows tfr-crossfit-gym-keys tfr-crossfit-after tfr-crossfit-area-2 tfr-crossfit-area-1