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Defeat the Sweets – 30 Day No Sugar Challenge


Defeat the Sweets – 30 Day No Sugar Challenge

Defeat the Sweets 30 Day No Sugar Challenge

About Defeat the Sweets

TFR launched Defeat the Sweets – the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge to help promote a healthier, totally fit Atlanta. To win the challenge, eliminate all foods, snacks, and drinks that have added sugar or sweeteners. This includes refined sugars, as well as natural and artificial sweeteners.

READ THE LABEL: If sugar is listed as an ingredient, you don’t need it. Don’t worry. Fruits, veggies, and whole foods that have naturally occurring sugars are delicious and perfect for this Challenge.

Stand with the TFR team and challenge your family & friends to Defeat the Sweets. Join our event by selecting YES on the RSVP and inviting your entire network to battle it out with us.

This is a virtual event that you can join on Facebook, Google +, and Eventbrite.

There are many benefits of quitting sugar –  less belly fat, cravings, brain fog, disease, and stress; more nutrients, energy, concentration, and balance; better abs, skin, digestion, and metabolism.

Practically every year, the number one New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. Not surprisingly, only about 8% of Americans actually achieve any of their annual goals, let alone getting fit. So, what’s blocking your path? How about 30 – 34 five pound bags of sugar – that’s the annual amount of sugar consumed by the average American!

Throughout this challenge, we’ll provide you with the tools and support you need to Defeat the Sweets for good. We’re talking tips, recipes, facts, and encouragement that will help you stay on track. All available on our Blog.

Find out how sugar hides in foods we eat everyday. Learn why ‘Fat-Free’ is a warning sign. Discover healthy snacks that suppress cravings. We’ve all heard how bad sugar is and how it is as addictive as illegal drugs, but now we’re going to do something about it.