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Coach Danyelle on the road to success! Follow her blog!


Coach Danyelle on the road to success! Follow her blog!

Here goes, my first attempt at blogging. Luckily for me, it was harder to start this blog than to start my new and clean way of eating! I decided to blog during the competition for accountability. Every “Casual Day” Friday that I am in slacks versus my favorite pair of jeans, I stomp out the door saying, “this is it, I am going to start eating right.” Then the sugar calls me. Yes, your trainer, your workout partner, your friend is addicted to sugar. Wait, WAS addicted to sugar; a winner needs to sacrifice, so no more sugar for me!

I am embarrassed to say that I “needed” dessert for every meal! Yes, I would eat carmel candy before my eggs and sausage in the morning. Who does that? Therefore in addition to the blog, I had to tell the cafeteria guy at work that I am on a mission. His words of encouragement were “you are going to have to stop eating candy!” So my first bit of advice is to tell someone, everyone that you are about to win a competition. More folks will support you than not.

Saturday was hard for me because I wasn’t prepared. The great thing is that I was encouraged. As I walked around Atlantic Station seeing all of the sale signs, I decided not to buy any clothes. I wouldn’t dare buy more “big girl” clothes and I don’t buy for the size I want to be. So my second bit of advice, reward yourself at your own personal milestones. Do not reward yourself with food. Instead reward yourself with a new workout outfit, new shoes, or a smaller dress. WHEN you see me walk in the gym with a new pair of sneakers, beware baby…I just hit a milestone!

So, I am committed to blogging at least 5 times a week for the next 6 weeks! If you see my posts stop, please call me out!

– Coach “sweet tooth” Dany

16 Responses

  1. Shannon

    Hey Danyelle,
    Thanks for sharing your story. From the outside looking in, it’s easy for me to assume that someone who looks as great as you has conquered her eating demons. It’s refreshing to know that you too have struggles that you have to overcome and it let’s me know that positive changes are doable!


    1. Danyelle

      Thanks Shannon for the compliments. It is a constant battle for me, but I balance once I get back on track. Positive changes are very doable! Keep up the good work and reach out if you need motivation!

  2. Dawn

    Thx D. Very encouraging to know we all have that one unhealthy vice that will be tough to give up in order to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. If everyone does it right, we all won.

  3. Rahmah

    Thanks for being honest! It is refreshing to know that you have to work on clean eating as well. I thought I was the only one with a sugar addiction……..

    1. Danyelle

      Oh no Rahmah! I always joke that my hips are made of sugar and spice versus meat and potatoes. I have felt much better the last 4 days that I laugh at how sugar was ruling me. We can overcome this together!

  4. Ranata

    Hi Danyelle,

    Never though I would hear that your eating habits included sugar or candy. But I have worked out with you enough to know that you you have this challenge beat. I will be cheering you on and checking the blog.

  5. Carolyn

    Very inspirational and motivating! Thanks for sharing! I am all about rewarding and this is definitley something to be rewarded for.