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Thank You from Total Fitness Revolution


Thank You from Total Fitness Revolution

On behalf of Heather Ambrosi and Total Fitness Revolution we wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for coming to our first Vinyasa Flow Yoga class at Total Fitness Revolution! I hope that you not only enjoyed yourself and had a great yoga experience, but I hope that you learned different things about your body and your mobility that you need to work on or maybe even enhance!*

Aside from the obvious result of increased flexibility, there are so many benefits of regularly practicing yoga. You massage all the organs of your body, lubricate your joints, relax your mind, strengthen your core, tone your muscles. . .honestly the list is quite long! If you are like myself and have poor posture or a week spinal column, yoga will help rehabilitate
areas of weakness in your body and make you stronger and more generally physically fit. It is our mission at Total Fitness Revolution to create a strong and diverse yoga community. Heather will be our premiere instructor, and as soon as we open she will have several more class offerings and styles of yoga for you to enjoy.

Our next class will be TUESDAY 1/17 AT 7:30 PM! REGISTER TODAY!