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Athlete Profile and Coaches Corner


Athlete Profile and Coaches Corner

Coach’s Corner:

Have you met our new coach, Frank White?

Frank White

Where are you from?
Oklahoma City, OK
Where did you go to school, and did you play any sports?
  • Morgan State University 02-06
  • Track & Field (sprints, high jump)
  • Also had basketball and football scholarship opportunities out of high school.
What’s your favorite class to train?
SHRED – 30-35 min on nonstop bodyweight exercises targeting your core as well as upper and lower body. Class is designed primarily to burn calories, shred body fat percentage and improve coordination.
What hours do you personal train, and what times/classes do you teach?
I personal train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I teach Trek & Field on Tuesday/Thursday mornings at 6 AM and SHRED on Wednesdays at 6:45 PM
What’s an example of a healthy, lunch and dinner?
Since I’m a naturally lean guy trying to bulk up, a normal lunch and dinner for me is baked chicken breast, brown rice/quinoa, broccoli or asparagus, and a medium sweet potato.
What motivates you?
Inspiring others and leaving a legacy my family and those close to me can be proud of. I value the journey of people especially those who have identified their purpose and positively impact others.

We are so excited to have Frank on our staff! Email or call 404 441 8110 for a full list of classes and to get a free 3 class pass to try out one of Frank’s classes!

TFR Athlete Spotlight

Bev Talley

Bev TalleyHow long have you been a member of TFR?
Since 10/20/14
What’s your workout routine, or what classes do you take?
I LIVE at the gym!!! I train with Lauren 3 times per week (sometimes more!), attend cycling, pilates, and I’m a baby crossfitter 🙂
What goals have you accomplished this year?
Mainly I’ve accomplished going to the gym Monday-Saturday regularly ,sometimes twice in a day. I’ve lost 46lbs to date and my endurance has increased tremendously.
What’s your favorite cheat meal?
Merlot with vodka (Oh you said cheat meal)…a juicy cheeseburger and fries
What’s your favorite exercise or class?
Cycling and my love/hate relationship with Sprints
Favorite quote or saying from a TFR Coach?
“Move It–Any day now Bev!”
Any words of wisdom for new TFR members?
You only get in return what you put into this! You gotta Love it to Live it! PERSEVERE!!!!

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