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Are you really pushing yourself?


Are you really pushing yourself?

Happy Wednesday! Today’s blog is dedicated to your workout. How are you challenging yourself in your workout during this challenge? I got a text last week saying that one of my fellow challengers was going to try boot camp. My first response was “great, can’t wait to see her.” Then I had a brief moment of “this chick is in it to win it.” I am not mad at her. We all should be challenging ourselves during the 6 week fat loss challenge. There are two things you should try this week

The first is to incorporate something new in your workout routine this week. Just one new activity, even if for 1 day. I am going to challenge myself to add a run in one day this week and 50 push ups per night.

The second challenge is to workout harder than your normal. The easiest and most measurable way to do that is to either complete the workouts in a shorter time or use heavy weight than your usual. It is easier than you think! Add 5 or 10 lbs to what you normally lift. If you are in boot camp, bring 8 lb weights to class versus 5 lbs this week. Push beyond your comfort zone and make a new comfort zone! I would like to hear some stretch goals from others, so please leave the feedback. I will know where my real competition is from those who share 🙂