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TFR 5 Day Juice Cleanse!


TFR 5 Day Juice Cleanse!

Join us! For those that are interested we are doing a 5 day juice cleanse. We are using Dr. Oz’s recipe for the green drink. Ingredients are listed below.

2 cups Spinach 1/2 Cucumber 1/4 Head Celery 1/2 Bunch Parsley 3 Carrots 2 Apples 1/4 Orange 1/4 LEmon 1/4 Lime 1 Bunch Mint 1/4 PineApple (Or Canned)

Juicing is a great way to get more nutrition, boost your metabolism and it helps your immune system as well. The challenge to you is to drink nothing but juice for the next five days. Continue your same exercise routine and hydrate with water as much as you can. This will help you kick start your system and achieve your new years goals! You can post comments below or email Lauren with questions

blend it
enjoy it