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Welcome our newest trainer, Donna Walker


Welcome our newest trainer, Donna Walker

I worked out strong for many, many years but didn’t see physical results. After having 3 kids  within 5 years I knew something had to give. I was approaching 40 and decided it was time to change my eating habits & see if that would work in my favor and it did!! I lost 45 lbs in 4 months right before my 40th birthday & I’ve kept it off!

Fitness and encouraging people to workout is one of my passions.  I love to encourage moms & let them know that even after having 3 kids and gaining way more than the “norm” during each pregnancy, reaching your fitness goals is very attainable with hard work and a strong determination!

I also love the simple challenges of working out..the sweat and tears push me to my limits and I truly believe that our greatest treasures in life come through pain: growing pains, labor pains, fitness pains, etc. During an adverse time in my life, an old friend once told me that “what don’t kill you will surely make you stronger” and those are words I live by!